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Vocado are celebrating our 20-year jubilee as a group in 2024! We have several tours to Germany booked and concerts in Sweden as well.

We’ve added a calendar to the website and as soon as we have more information about any concerts we will post it here and on our social media. Stay tuned!

// Vocado


2024-04-27Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka, Uppsala, SwedenLänk till biljetter hos Tickster (öppnas i ny sida)
2024-05-08Philippuskirche, Leipzig, Germanyhttps://www.a-cappella-festival.de/
2024-05-11Gewandhaus, Leipzig, Germanyhttps://www.a-cappella-festival.de/
2024-07-24By Kyrka, By, Swedenhttps://byslånkvicku.se
2024-07-27Museum KulturGießerei, Saarburg, Germanyhttps://www.kulturgiesserei-saarburg.de/
2024-07-28Jakobuskirche, Niederstetten, Germanyhttps://www.hohenloher-kultursommer.de
2024-07-29Schattenburg, Feldkirch, Austriahttps://www.musikfreunde-feldkirch.at/
2024-07-30Seminarkirche, Mainz, Germanyhttps://www.mainz-klassik.de
2024-09-27Kirchen, Ev. Kirche, Germanyhttps://www.musikgemeinde.de
2024-09-28Cube 521, Marnach, Luxembourghttps://www.cube521.lu
2024-09-29Bonnus-Kirche, Bersenbrück, Germanywww.kulturring-bersenbrueck.de
2024-10-26Kultorium Heyer, Bad Ems
2024-10-27Festhalle, Viersen, Germanyhttps://vierfalt-viersen.de/programm/vocado-a-cappella-konzert/


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